Scotland's Circular Economy - The Future

  • Scotland's Circular Economy - The Future


    Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill Consultations

    Following the recent closure of Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill consultations, there may be questions about what this is and what it means. At the end of May the Scottish Government sought public opinion on its proposals for legislation to develop a circular economy in Scotland. Now that the consultation period has ended, the government will analyse these responses and factor them into their legislation and policy-making process for creating and delivering Scotland’s circular economy.

    Whilst we wait for the consultations to be assessed and for the new bill to take shape, you can start contributing to a circular economy yourself. Here at the Refillery we have a circular system. Our entire ethos is centered around reducing waste and reusing materials. We offer products from reusable cups to plastic-free deodorant and encourage people to bring their own jars and containers to fill up with oils, vinegar, nuts, seeds, pasta, cereals, snacks, detergents and shampoo etc. completely plastic free. We have also launched a deposit return scheme for our coffee cups so come and check it out!

    Join us in becoming part of the solution, not the problem!