The Refillery Joins One Tribe ...Guest Blog by Tom Rickey, One Tribe

The Refillery joins One Tribe

When I first spoke to Kelly a couple of weeks ago, I recognised immediately that our personal and business values were aligned.  We, and our businesses, are focussed on profit with purpose.  Businesses that are sustainable in every sense of the word are going to be essential to create a brighter future for us and this planet.

Its clear that The Refillery are on a mission to have a positive impact in every area of their business  - from zero carbon delivery on bikes for their local customers to their plastic-free approach and the ethical brands they stock.  

One Tribe was started in 2019 by a group of climate activists, marketers and technologists to help brands like The Refillery, and their customers, to have a positive impact on the environment through online purchases.  While the business started in 2019, it has been a long time in the making - two of our founders, Tom Murray and Ric Porteus, met in the Burning Man Arts Festival in 2014.  Tom had spent 10 years working in rainforest conservation and Ric was a director of the Pacha Group in Ibiza.  They were convinced there was a way to bring consumers and businesses together to accelerate the fight against climate change, and agreed to make it a reality.

A few years later they started a project to enable festival and club goers to protect rainforest when they purchased tickets.  After a hugely successful launch, demand was increasingly coming from outside of the club industry so they created One Tribe to bring the benefits of real-time climate action to businesses in multiple industries.  Through the One Tribe platform, profit is unquestionably linked with purpose.

And now, through the partnership with One Tribe, Refillery customers can get involved in a climate action campaign themselves.  For any customers who spend over £25, The Refillery are paying to save 100 square metres of rainforest, protecting 25 trees from deforestation.

You can keep track of their progress IN REAL TIME on their site (check the number of trees protected in the footer) and click through to see how much CO2 has been sequestered (removed) from the atmosphere as a result.

We are in a climate crisis, but if every business was even half as ethically-minded and sustainable as The Refillery then we would be on the right track to turning things around.

If you would like to chat about how One Tribe can help your business along its sustainability journey then feel free to get in touch with me on Linkedin.

Tom Rickey, One Tribe


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