How did we get to the point where we throw away so much and value so little?

25% of the plastic produced globally goes into food packaging. We consume and then toss into recycling bins in the vain hope that it will find its way through the myriad of council recycling streams and be reassuringly transformed into new plastic.


Job done! Right?


Wrong! An estimated 25 million tonnes finds its way into our environment each year and as we know now it can take hundreds of years to fully breakdown. It just doesn’t
make sense! But there is a new tide coming, a new wave of ‘zero waste’ shops that will revolutionise the way we shop. Helping us to behave as more conscious consumers
and think beyond the bin.

The Refillery® will be opening in Edinburgh in January 2019, helping you to work towards a zero waste lifestyle. Refill everyday items or discover something new from the range of environmentally aware, plastic free goods.


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