Exercise & The Entrepreneur


Movement helps our body to heal, to re energise and to refocus.    Without exercise I believe that there is no way I would have achieved what I have in such a short space of time.

Kettlebell, Boxing training and Hill Walking have taught me to focus, be brave and always push myself beyond my comfort zone.   No doubt that these activities and the relationships they forged also gave me the mental strength to leave a successful corporate career and open Edinburgh’s largest plastic free grocery store.

An advocate of a fitness philosophy rather than committing to a certain type of exercise I recommend that we simply just move!   Everyday.  Just move!

Here are my top tips to re energise your work life:

Schedule phone calls together and go for a walk.

Put your trainers on, plug in your headphones and get outside.   The fresh air helps you to focus and you can easily walk a couple of miles without even realising it.    It creates a relaxed atmosphere during the conversation and the caller will be inspired too.  By the time your calls are done you will feel more energised and ready for the next task.

 If you struggle to find time for classes, try an online class.

Since March, many clubs have moved online.    This is great if you struggle to find the time to visit a club.    You can do the class anywhere, at home, in a hotel, or outside.   Adding a class to your daily schedule will ensure it gets done and being part of an online community can help motivate you to push a little harder. 

Early morning classes are great too.   Starting the day in a positive way creates the right attitude to deal with the day ahead.

Stretch and hang.    Hanging is great for the spine and stretching is good for flexibility

Hanging is great if you sit for long periods.  All you need is something to hang from!   Hang from your hands and just let your body relax.   It may feel strange at first, but you will begin to feel your spine aligning.   Try and do it for as long as your hands will grip and then repeat a few times.  Make sure it is not too high and that you can land on your feet safely.

Stretch everyday even its just for 5 minutes.   It improves flexibility which helps with everyday activities and may also help delay the reduced mobility that comes with ageing.    Ask a professional fitness instructor or yoga teacher to recommend a few daily moves.

Cycle to work or appointments.    Good for energy levels and good for the environment.  win win.

It may not be appropriate in all situations but if it is doable then do it.     You will arrive more energised and relaxed than if you had spent the last 10 minutes stressed out looking for a car parking space.   It is also better for the environment, which is a good example to your employees, clients, and customers.

Turn off cyberspace and head for the greenspace

Connecting with nature and the outdoors has huge benefits for our health and wellbeing.  Disconnecting from the cyberworld for a few hours will not only give you more energy but will help give your thoughts clarity and meaning.   Without these modern distractions we create the space to really think.    Just walking in the countryside or local park can be enough or if you prefer something more adventurous there are loads of outdoors activities to choose from like hill walking, paddle boarding, climbing and mountain biking.

Just remember to move!

 Written by Kelly Wright, The Refillery 13/9/2020





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