Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) Tanzania ESPRESSO
Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) Tanzania ESPRESSO

Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) Tanzania ESPRESSO

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Williams & Johnson are Leith based coffee roasters who also have a cool cafe on the Shore.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry & Orange with cocoa butter finish

Origin: Mbeya, Tanzania

Altitude: 1670 - 1950 masl

Processing: Fully washed and dried on African beds

This coffee is soft and clean with notes of berries and citrus leading on to pleasing and light cacao-like finish .

In Tanzania AA refers to the size of the bean, with AA being the largest bean size. This lot of coffee from Mbeya is comprised of only is only the largest beans.

All of the farmers in Iyenga village (from which most of the cooperative members hail) are very small scale and grow coffee on five hectares or fewer (most only have a hectare or so). In addition to coffee, many grow maize, peanuts and beans. The majority of farmers often keep one or two cows and some poultry, as well. Iyenga Cooperative members ensure the soil remains fertile by adopting the best agricultural practices, upon which they are advised by the cooperative. These practices include preventing soil erosion through dual cropping, using mulching materials and applying compost on a regular basis at optimal times.


Ethical Sourcing  Policy - Statement

We source only specialty grade coffee where farmers are paid well above the Fairtrade price. We have chosen to work exclusively with Mercanta as our coffee sourcing partner because of their dedication to ethical sourcing policies. They actively seek the de-commoditization of the coffee business and focus on price, quality and relationships with farmers and producers. More can be read about Mercanta's sourcing policy and sustainability at https://www.coffeehunter.com/about/ 

By working with Mercanta it has allowed us to source exceptional coffees with full traceability and knowledge that producers are making above market value for their crop. We are gradually building relationships with certain farms by buying subsequent years' harvest, especially in Colombia where Todd visited in January of 2019.