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Errington Cheeses started making Lanark White in around 2002 due to demand from their customers wanting a non blue cheese.  Like Lanark Blue, Lanark White is made from their own milk. They mould and salt by hand then wrap it in traditional muslin cheese cloth to mature for at least two months. During this time it develops a natural crust on the outside and a delicious sweet nutty flavour.

Lanark White will vary throughout the season although it never becomes overpowering.  Unfortunately, due to the seasonal nature of the sheep's milk, Lanark White may not be available for a period over the winter. 

Lanark White is made with vegetarian rennet.

 Moisture 44.5%, Fat 30.3%, Saturated Fat 21% Salt 1-1.5%, Protein 19.4% Ash 2.5% Carbohydrate 3.3%, Energy 1507 KJ 364 kcal, Sugar <1% Dietary Fibre 0% Monounsaturated 8.5% Polyunsaturated 1.6%

Approximately 150g

Storage: Keep refrigerated below 5 degrees and once opened re-wrap in the foil provided (bees wax wraps are a good alternative to cling film) to keep it at its best. Best eaten at room temperature.