Kopuk Soap Nuts 250g
Kopuk Soap Nuts 250g

Kopuk Soap Nuts 250g

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Organic Soap Nuts are dried fruit shells that contain a special naturally occurring molecule called saponin, which are great for cleaning purposes.

Simply pop 5 nuts into the small cotton pouch inside. squeeze the pouch and place inside your washing machine.    You can reuse the same nuts about 5 times so the whole bag does 80 washes!

When they are finished you can compost them, so not waste at all.   The bag is 100% cotton so you can wash and reuse for refilling all sorts of bulk foods.

Our producer has an organic certificate issued by EcoCert.  They value fair-trade principles and try to minimise and offset carbon footprint caused by the logistic operations. For more information on their ethical programme please visit www.grownepal.org.np