Errington Farmhouse Cheese - Elrick Log 190g

Errington Farmhouse Cheese - Elrick Log 190g

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Raw Milk ashed lactic goats log made with traditional rennet

The cheese is matured in a drying room with a higher humidity, it is this process that sees the rind develop and often different moulds can appear. This can be due to a variety of reasons, the time of year, has the cheese been dried too much or not enough can all affect the development of the rind and the types of mould that grow on it. Even cheeses from the same batch and on the same rack can develop rinds differently.   Do not be alarmed if you cheese has mould growing.

Storage:  Keep refrigerated below 5 degrees.   Once opened re wrap securely in the paper provided using tape to secure.   Consume within 2 weeks.

WARNING:  Raw cheese is not recommended if you are pregnant or have a compromised immune system.


Ash 1.9%, Carbohydrate 2.7%, Dietary Fibre <0.6%, Fat 21.4%, Energy 1082KJ 261 kcal, Moisture 59.6%, Monounsaturated 4.2%, Nitrogen 2.30%, Polyunsaturated 0.7%, Protein 14.4%, Salt 1.25%, Saturated Fat 15.0%, Sodium 0.50%, Sugar 1.4%