Why Refill?

25% of the plastic produced globally goes into food packaging, consumed and then tossed into recycling bins in the vain hope that it will find its way through the myriad of council recycling streams and be reassuringly transformed into new plastic.

Job done! Right?

Wrong! An estimated 25 million tonnes finds its way into our environment each year and as we know now it can take hundreds of years to fully breakdown. It just doesn’t make sense!

Plastic is a fantastic material because it's relatively cheap to make and extremely durable but it should never have been used for packaging food or short life-cycle products.  

It's very difficult in today's society to completely eliminate plastic from your grocery shop, so we shouldn't get too hung up on calling plastic out as 'evil', however refilling can help to reduce the amount we do consume. It could also save you money too as you only refill the amount you need.

In just 1 year our customers have saved nearly 120,000 pieces of plastic packaging!! So small actions from lots of people do make a difference.

Another benefit of refilling is that your food cupboard will look so much more organised as you won't have lots of half opened packets of rice that you'd forgotten you had.