New Webshop Instructions

We now have our full product range online for you to pre order. This will help to minimise the amount of time you spend in the shop, which will help us to keep to the required social distance but be able to service the local community efficiently.

Orders are ready to collect a maximum of 24 hours after you place the order. If you are able bodied and not in the 'high risk' category or above, please choose 'collect at store' as delivery spots are to be saved for those that need it.  

Fresh fruit and vegetable availability is variable and we will let you know before we complete your order if things are out of stock. The best times to order F&V are Tuesdays and Fridays to ensure maximum availability.

We are offering a FREE local delivery service that is managed through Doorstep Market (only available in the Edinburgh area). This is run on a volunteer basis and demand is expected to be high so please only use if you need to. If you require this service please select 'Isolation Local Delivery Service' at the checkout.

Please note we will not be offering a courier service for any perishable foods.  

Loose items are shown per 100g (1 = 100g) All loose items will be supplied in paper bags. We will try and get to the nearest 100g but may need to alter your order quantity if this is not possible.

To get started simply click the button below.