Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) - Mexico Paz Y Progreso Oaxaca
Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) - Mexico Paz Y Progreso Oaxaca

Williams & Johnson Roasted Coffee Beans (per 100g) - Mexico Paz Y Progreso Oaxaca

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Williams & Johnson are Leith based coffee roasters who also have a cool cafe on the Shore.

Tasting Notes: Crunchie bar and baked apple

Origin: Mexico, Mixteca,Oaxaca

Altitude: 1100 - 1700 masl

Processing: Fully washed, Organic

Located in the mountain range of Nudo Mixteco, today the town of San Isidro Paz y Progreso is primarily dedicated to the cultivation of coffee. Part of “Ñuu Savi”, translating to English as “villages of rain”, San Isidro is one of many small indigenous towns in the Mixteca region. Located to the southwest of Mexico, the Oaxaca region is primarily composed of indigenous communities, with more than 16 different ethnic groups. As one of the most mountainous states in the country, its difficulty to traverse has allowed cultures and customs to survive primarily untouched by modern society. This has meant that native languages have sustained, with Oaxaca state exhibiting the greatest linguistic diversity in the country: with 11 native languages and some with up to three variants, according to latitude. Oaxaca is also home to a wide variety of climates and ecosystems, considered to be one of the most biodiverse states, containing a significant number of endemic species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and plants. Due to its mountainous terrain, each coffee region of Oaxaca presents specific micro-climate conditions, creating niche cultivation techniques and producing a multitude of qualities and cup profiles.


Ethical Sourcing  Policy - Statement

We source only specialty grade coffee where farmers are paid well above the Fairtrade price. We have chosen to work exclusively with Mercanta as our coffee sourcing partner because of their dedication to ethical sourcing policies. They actively seek the de-commoditization of the coffee business and focus on price, quality and relationships with farmers and producers. More can be read about Mercanta's sourcing policy and sustainability at https://www.coffeehunter.com/about/ 

By working with Mercanta it has allowed us to source exceptional coffees with full traceability and knowledge that producers are making above market value for their crop. We are gradually building relationships with certain farms by buying subsequent years' harvest, especially in Colombia where Todd visited in January of 2019.